Why did you Join A Network Marketing Company?

Is it for the products or the money?

In my early days of network marketing I would join a network marketing company solely because I fell in love with the product I was using at the time and that was that.

I would join up with a network marketing company and become an independent distributor, simply to acquire the product and/or service at wholesale direct pricing from the manufacturer. 

I mean who doesn’t like to pay wholesale for products you are consuming. It makes total financial sense to join a network marketing company to buy wholesale.

Because that was the focus of why I joined I wasn’t that concerned about earning money.

As my focus changed and it became my intent to earn money working from home and earning a lasting residual income things had to change.

And change they did…. this began the start of my love affaire with residual income.

While I absolutely love the concept of residual income, most of the people I introduced back then didn’t see the big picture like I did. And as a result they didn’t stick it out because [among other things] they weren’t getting a return on their investment quick enough.

When they saw $300 per month going out of their checking account and $25 back in a month just didn’t cut it.

In realty this a good return. I believe this it is sad that the true value of these numbers was not understood.

Let’s do the numbers so you see what I’m on about.

$300 per month [300 x 12] = 3600 pa
$25 per month [25 x 12] = 300 pa

To receive $300 income you would need $6000 in a bank returning 5% [6000 x 5% = $300]


Because I was intent on finding the compensation plan that would really benefit the part-time network marketer I used a formula known as the 20 plan. Simply put The 20 plan is you find 4 and help them find 4 each giving a total of 20.

Armed with my new formula the first thing I would say when approaching a company was “SHOW ME THE MONEY” What I was looking for was a company that would pay me $300 or more of residual income on 20 people consuming the product.

It took me a while but I did eventually find a company that paid more. In fact there were several that did.


The bottom line is you don’t have work you butt off to make a great income in network marketing. You just have to join a network marketing company that will reward you correctly for your efforts.



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