What to buy the outdoors type this Christmas? Christmas presents for walkers and hikers

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We all know somebody, whether it be one of our family or friends, who loves the outdoors. They would rather be traversing the UK hills and countryside than be sitting behind a computer watching YouTube videos. Wondering what to buy them for Christmas? Luckily we have you covered! This blog post will feature some of the must-haves for people who love the outdoors. No matter whether the person you are buying for is a walker, cyclist, climber, camper or geocacher – I have selected some of the best products from Gerber Bear Grylls, SealSkinz and Garmin that is sure to please the adventurous types.

The first products I would like to suggest come from a relatively new but extremely innovative brand called SealSkinz. SealSkinz are a company who create fully waterproof hats, gloves and socks. They are used by all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts and sporting people, from hikers, bikers, climbers and runners to rugby players, footballers, jockeys, sailors and rowers. Their innovative new patented technology allows their hats, gloves and socks to keep every drop of pesky water out whilst still allowing your skin to breathe so it does not get sweaty or irritating. Footballers socks may get wet but by wearing SealSkinz socks beneath they will no longer get wet feet. SealSkinz accessories are extremely useful and they will become the users second skin, especially in a climate such as ours! This one is a sure fire winner of a gift, highly recommended.

Geocaching is growing more and more popular by the day. GPS devices have come down in price a lot over the years and continue to do so. Now is a better time than ever to buy a GPS device that is going to be perfect for geocaching. Garmin’s GPS devices are synonymous with geocaching. Help your friend or family member locate the precious geocaches by buying them a Garmin eTrex 20 GPS unit this Christmas. This is an affordable GPS device that is ideal for a geocacher due to its EGNOS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction – this means that the eTrex 20 by Garmin will always do its best to pinpoint your location even in the toughest weather conditions. By plugging the Garmin GPS device into your computer you can keep the eTrex 20 up to date with the latest maps from Ordnance Survey. The Garmin eTrex 20 is robust and hard wearing, making it ideal for taking out on the hills and moors. It is an attractive GPS device for anyone due to its versatility – you can use the eTrex 20 by Garmin to navigate the seas, hills and roads.

If you are in to your outdoor pursuits – such as camping and survival – then there is no doubt you will recognise Bear Grylls. Gerber, a leading name in camping and survival gear, have teamed up with Bear Grylls to bring us the Basic Survial Kit. This kit contains waterproof matches, mini Gerber Paraframe knife, a fire starter, snare wire, emergency cord, waterproof bag, emergency whistle and fire tinder. Hopefully this pack will never have to be used but it is crucial that every hiker, camper or walker has something like this in their rucksack at all times – just in case. I am not usually a fan of celebrity branded products, but from a guy with such credentials as Bear Grylls, and a company as quality as Gerber, you know that this product is going to ooze quality. There are also a lot more Gerber Bear Grylls products available if the Survival Kit is not what you had in mind.

When buying outdoor gear and survival gear it is crucial that you buy from a reputable and specialist company who has in depth knowledge of the field. A specialist stockist of outdoor gear such as Above and Beyond are ideal to buy from as their staff have a wide range of expertise in all areas of outdoor and survival gear. Free UK delivery on all products is also a bonus!

Hopefully this blog post has helped show you what is available out there for the adventurist in your life, and if there is not something mentioned here that would be suitable, it has at least sparked up some ideas for other possible gifts.



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