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There exist a lot of attractions to see and do while touring North Carolina! So explore out the new and exciting North Carolina attractions when you travel in our great state! Whatever you enjoy – urban centers, vast lands, nature, or water, the State of North Carolina provides exceptions diversity of tourist attractions and events. You can discover the perfect opportunity to relax and getaway from the frantic schedule of daily routine.

Tour Idea #1: The Alexander Dickson House – Hillsborough, North Carolina. This 18th century house, with its simple Quaker styling, is the house that Alexander Dickson owned during the Civil War. It was the headquarters for Confederate General Hampton and was where General Johnson prepared surrender papers for General Sherman in April, 1865.

In addition to the historical North Carolina tourist attractions, there will be a variety of other fun things to experience and do. Do you remember fishing when you were a child? You can fish and have an outdoor fun vacation. Situated within just a short drive, you can experience a variety of attractions and natural beauty. Explore the native wonders of the state and experience the outdoors. Whether it is riding the nature trails or boating or hiking, there are experiences for everyone. Here are simply a few of the activities you will enjoy, for more ideas, watch this North Carolina attractions video.

Tour Idea #2: Trout Fishing – Tuckasegee River, North Carolina. Here in Jackson County you can experience some great trout fishing. The Tuckasegee River is the largest body of water in Jackson county and offers fly anglers a terrific time trying out their skill at catching the big ones. There are also many small streams for those great mountain fishing locations.

Balancing the quirky attractions with the more traditional attractions will create a remarkable group vacation escape. To create the best of your family vacation time, you may want to consider one of the various vacation packages or tours. Many vacation packages include transporation, lodging, and car rentals or provide a guided tour. Many packages include activity or museum tickets, so you can find packages interesting to everyone. If you are interested in antiques and heritage, there are many cultural and historical attractions, along with museums of all types of specialties.

Everyone can save costs by following online travel guides. Many guides will detail the tourist attractions. Professional guides will share more detail than simply a short paragraph or sentence. Take your adventure and discover excitement about your North Carolina attractions. Enjoy your vacation escape and experience the opportunity to make family memories that will last a lifetime.



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