Visit South Africa

With the World Cup Soccer in South Africa during 2010, there is a lot of foreigners visiting South Africa. The Tourism Industry is getting ready for this, and everywhere in South Africa Guest Houses and Bed an Breakfast owners are getting ready for the big event.

But if you are a tourist coming to South Africa for the first time, where do you start? Depending on the number of games you would like to watch and how far they are apart it is important to remember that you need to make sure of the distances from the place where you intend to stay to the stadiums.

South Africa is a big country and you can get yourself in a mess if you do not plan properly.

One way of planning is to first get your game dates and venues and then to look for accommodation nearby.

If you visit Information Desk, a tourism website of South Africa, you will find accommodation easily in various areas of South Africa. This site offers information on a range of accommodation establishments from Accommodation Swellendam up to Accommodation Durban.

Then there are also a lot going on in Cape Town and you might want to have a look at our Accommodation Cape Town site to familiarize you with accommodation in that area.

Happy Soccer Games for you and might South Africa win… or the best Team. I am just joking. It is going to be a fun filled event and people from all over the world will enjoy the beautiful South Africa with its spectacular views and scenery.

Make this a holiday of a lifetime and enjoy the Games.



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