This Is Southern Cooking

Being from Georgia, I love good southern cooking: Fried Chicken, mashed potatos, pinto beans and cornbread really hit the spot. But from time to time, I get the craving for some seafood. Fried clams,baked fish and shrimp just about any way you can prepare it!

I am always looking for new seafood recipes that I can try out. Something that I could both serve to my family for a casual weekend treat and also one that I could impress my dinner guests with on a special occassion. The one thing that I have found to be true with most seafood recipes is that you have the freedom to create and to throw in your own little twist to personalize each dish.

My aunt’s recipe for baked sea bass is out of this world on it’s own but when I prepare it, I find that adding just a bit of Tabasco Sauce to the rub really makes a difference. That’s the great thing about preparing seafood recipes, you have the freedom to create and to share and like I said earlier…you just really can’t go wrong with shrimp! A very quick and tasty shrimp recipe that I enjoy making is garlic shrimp. If you buy ready-peeled shrimp, it really only takes five minutes to make. You’ll need one and a half to two pounds of peeled, de-veined shrimp.

First you take 5 or 6 big cloves of garlic–lots of garlic is a must–and crush or finely mince them. Chop up a third of a cup of parsley. Measure out two or three tablespoons of lemon juice. In a pan, heat one-third of a cup of butter until it stops foaming. This should only take half a minute. Add the shrimp and the garlic, and heat for about four five minutes, until the shrimp are just turning pink. take the shrimp off the heat, add the lemon juice, the parsley and a little salt to taste. Serve straight away. This makes a nice starter, or can be served with rice or perhaps a big salad as a main.

Many times when I have been hungry for a shrimp dish and couldn’t afford to take my family out for dinner, I have just thrown together something of my own invention. I may have to run to the store for some things, but it is still cheaper than going out with a family of four. The easiest shrimp recipe I know is the one where you saute some garlic in butter, add some white wine, and then take previously cooked, frozen shrimp and cook it just long enough to heat it up a little. Of course you’ve already cooked up some linguine and maybe some broccoli.

Then you can toss all that together and season to taste. Yum! I like using the shrimp you buy already cooked for shrimp cocktail for most of my shrimp recipes because then I don’t have to worry whether or not I have cooked it properly. It may not be quite as tender as starting with raw shrimp, though.



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