SpeedPPC: The fastest AdWords management tool on the planet

I came across a fascinating AdWords management program today. Named SpeedPPC it lets you build massive Adwords accounts in ultra-fast time.  The art of running PPC campaigns effectively is to construct your campaigns so that they include a wide range of keywords and phrases with ad text appropriate to each keyword as well. Writing ad copy that way boosts your CTR which is a good technique for traffic volume and for keeping your click costs under control. 

SpeedPPC takes this process a step further: it lets you build landing pages that are focused on each keyword too. So you can therefore rapidly build a comprehensive sales conversion pipeline made up of a massive number of keywords, ads that are relevant to each keyword with keyword level URLs that ensure that your web traffic land on a page that includes the precise words they have been searching for when they click on your ad. The result is that you are much more likely to get conversions from your PPC traffic.

This process is widespread practice but the issue most adwords managers suffer from is time shortage and this is where SpeedPPC really helps. In fact I watched a demo of someone using SpeedPPC that showed them creating a complete campaign consisting of over 8719 keywords and over 420 ads all in appropriately targeted Ad Groups as well as over 8705 landing pages – all in just under 12 minutes!

I guess if you are running a lot of AdWords campaigns or if you take your affiliate marketing really seriously then a system like SpeedPPC is a real time saver.



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