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If you have never heard of scabies before, it is a little difficult to identify the symptoms since you won’t know what to look for. This condition in humans represents an infestation by the mite that is called, Scabies. A mite is a microscopic insect that makes its way into the outer layer of the skin.


The mites will multiply over time as more and more eggs are laid and hatched within your skin. Though it may not happen to you, outbreaks are common which are made possible due to a variety of circumstances. Generally speaking, in order to contract scabies there needs to be skin contact that is direct and takes place for a period of time with someone who has the condition.


People that have had scabies before will always remember the intense itching sensation, but when they originally got the mites, they may not have known that they had it for several days until the itching started. Don’t let the lack of itching fool you as you may be able to get scabies from someone during this initial time period.


This means that the mites, if they are in the skin, can still go from person to person. The initial several weeks finds you body’s immune system developing a sensitivity to the infestation. This will initiate the itching that everybody is familiar with that has ever had scabies. Therefore, even if a person does not experience the itching initially, they can still be a carrier and pass it on to others. Of course, as with so many other medical conditions, there can be complications due to a scabies infestation. Intense itching, due to the body’s efforts to fight the infestation, is the major symptom most people will suffer. This is common with any allergic reaction. Skin sores, known as secondary lesions, can develop from scratching the rash until the skin becomes damaged. When the skin is opened up and exposed like this, it’s likely that a bacterial infection will result. Impetigo is a bacterial infection that can be the result of this damage to the skin. It turns the skin red, thick, and scaly. If a bacterial infection does occur, the only remedy is treatment by antibiotics, in addition to whatever other medications a person must take for the scabies.


In America, scabies has the most reported instances in universities and community colleges than anywhere in the continental US. This information comes directly from public health related organizations as well as college campuses. As long as there is one on one contact between the skin of two people, one of which who is infected, scabies is easily spread without the need of sexual intercourse. Although sexual intercourse may sometimes be blamed, mites simply need a reasonably long duration of skin to skin contact and allows for their migration. Therefore, young adults who are sexually active with multiple partners are at a greater risk for contracting and spreading scabies.


It really isn’t possible at all for someone to have scabies and not do something about it; this is because of the symptoms that must be taken care of. People that have scabies will definitely experience excessive amounts of itching, which always prompts them to seek medical attention. If not addressed quickly, bacterial infections may ensue causing further complications. This type of infection typically occurs when someone scratches their skin so badly that the bacteria can manifest. The best thing to do is go to a doctor immediately in order to get treatment for this problem.

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(Bear in mind that before receiving any medical advice that you confer with your doctor first).



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