My Memorable Vacation in Europe

Last year, I finally got around to backpacking through Europe. After planning my trip with Travelocity, I set off to hear some of the great music and explore as much as I could in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary
The Sziget Festival in August was a blast! We were on the little island of Obudai just off the River Danube in Hungary. The island was its own city of tents for the Festival. The stages were filled and the bands were awesome. Iron Maiden was the first to play and they were followed by five more days with bands such as Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers and 3 Inches of Blood. All in all, it was a great show for hard rock fans! Learn more about the Summer Festival.

Kildare, Ireland
If you are going to be in the vicinity of Ireland, the Oxegen Festival held there is not something you should definitely have on your itinerary. Famous name headliners for all rock fans will be playing and there is camping on or near the site. I personally haven’t been to this festival, but a friend of mine highly recommends it. There were lots of friendly people and great music.

On the Mediterranean
A beach and camping adventure awaits you when you attend the Benicassim Festival held in Spain each year. It is a four day festival that packs in fans with some really great music and a great environment. The energy is unique, like nothing you have ever experienced. It is truly a must see for any music fan.

Music fans that know where to go may want to check out Travelocity coupons for some great deals to these fabulous places. Make your plans and head off to Europe for a fabulous vacation whether you are backpacking or prefer to stay in a hotel. Travelocity can plan the details and get you there quicker and at the best prices! Adults are constantly probing around for a expedition steal.



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