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Ear training is the process by which a student can learn to distinguish between different periods, chords and rhythms.  These aural skills are essential for musicians as they permit them to transcribe, play by ear, and sight-read correctly, and even having advantages in terms of composition (one of them, having the capability to transmit the tune in your thoughts to paper or your instrument), and more.

Aural skills must be learned by doing, and as such it is advisable to have productive workouts in order to establish them.  To begin with, students can undertake simple call-and-response-type activities such as recreating single notes: you can take a recording, or have a buddy or trainer play one note, thereafter attempt to sing or play the same note.  This referred to as an “absolute pitch” exercise, and it will establish a sense in the student for what specific note sounds like; if you can recognize the note quickly, you may have great pitch.  This form of exercise can also be done with multiple notes took part in a series, becoming increasingly complex, which will work on memory along with identification of notes.

Another significant section to focus on is the identification of intervals.  Listen to two notes played one after another and try to detect the interval between the two, starting with the essentials like octaves and perfect fifths before shifting to other intervals.  Being able to appropriately determine intervals indicates you have relative pitch, which is regarded as an essential ability for musicians. At the time you can distinguish intervals, you can use that skill to identify guitar chords.  Students might also consider using relevant activities with the goal of differentiating instantly between minor and major chords.  Moreover, once intervals have been mastered, students can proceed to exercises to differentiate between different types of scales.

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