In Angola, Royal Investment Consortium Obtains Full Banking License

At the end of November of 2012, Royal Investment Consortium reported that Angola is country number 93 where they acquired a full banking license. This permits them to provide their offshore investment services to wealthy families as well as private investors in Angola. The negotiations required to acquire the banking license took them in excess of two years. Nonetheless, ultimately, the negotiations turned out successful.

Dr. Janko F. Rottmann is President of Royal Investment Consortium. He stated their golden rule is that patience is the key to success. They’re quite patient with regards to negotiating and waiting for the good results as pertains to rewarding business opportunities. He mentioned this over the course of a dinner that took place on November 27, 2012 in a 5-star hotel in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. At present, Luanda is considered the most expensive city worldwide for business travelers. Additionally, it is the most expensive for those planning to live there for a longer period. p>

In 1984, Dr. Janko F. Rottmann was appointed President of the Consortium. He’s an experienced professional in global wealth management. He said that they’ve developed some unique investment products for families and wealthy investors in Angola. The foundation of some of these products are on the particular financial situations the country confronts. The cost of living is increasing, particularly in Luanda. This, in tandem with the permanent and increasing flow of funds to the country, compels investors to look for exceptional returns for their money. Because of this, financial opportunities in Angola are suitable for the Consortium’s offshore investment products.



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