Discover how Scots officially bought America.

Worldwide wherever you go you will hear that it is part of the Scottish Culture that makes Scottish people are some of the most canny buyers. We make fun of ourselves continually calling it meanness but those who have ever studied the annual reports of the UK Charities Commission will know that on a basis of money donated that Scotland gives more to Charity per head of population than any other part of the UK. And we are keeping that a secret so don’t tell anyone else.

The most prosperous bank in the UK is the Royal Bank of Scotland no longer directly associated with the UK Royal Family. However it is public knowledge that the British Queen does bank with one of its constituent banks. The same goes for Beckham King of the soccer field former captain of the English football team.

Many of the most influential investment groups have either their headquarters or a main office in Scotland They want to capitalize on the money handling and investment skills of the Scottish people.

Could this be the reason why two people of Scottish American descent were chosen by President Jefferson to handle perhaps one of the most important financial land transactions that America ever entered into? If not the most important real estate deal in USA history it was almost certainly the largest.

One of the people sent by Jefferson was Robert Livingston a descendant of Lord Livingston who had served Guardian to the young Mary Queen of Scots after she was born 1542 so he clearly had a strong Scottish culture in his family background.However Livingston was also a strong influence in early American politics even to being one of the five people who had drafted the American Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

Perhaps that is why the US Declaration of Independence bears so much resemblance to Robert Bruce draft Declaration of Arbroath claiming independence from our unwelcome rulers England now very much part of the Scottish culture. Although Livingston was not one of the original people to publicly sign that Declaration of Independence due to other business commitments back in New York he was the person who administrated the oath of allegiance to the new president so he was definitely a Scottish American with a strong Scottish culture with a foot in both camps.

Livingston was sent By President Jefferson with another Scottish American James Munro to France to negotiate the purchase of over 828,000 square miles of land. This included what are now the states of Louisiana, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska and most of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Minnesota and Montana.

At a price equivalent to only 3 cents an acre or $15 million in total these two Scottish American using their Scottish culture background were able to double the size of America with one stroke of the pen.

These Scottish Americans partly because of their Scottish culture knew the value of land and were willing to invest in it.We give more details of the close Scottish cultural connection between Scotland and America on our main website have a look for yourself. If you would like to develop your own Scottish culture while investing in Scottish land at little cost check out this unique gift idea for another amazing bargain.



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