Corporate Film Production – Avoid The Hype And Stick To A Plan

Today folks are in a mad rush. If we are viewing material and video clips for business purposes, we’re turned off rapidly. Viewing a corporate film from a perfume or watch manufacturer generally seems to grab our attention more because these are items which causes us to be feel better about ourselves – we always have time for things about us! When in involves business applications we always seem to be in a very mad rush.

Because of this, always put down your corporate movie to get a message across quickly. You need to plan the movie in 5 main parts:

1. A business introduction – what we do and who we are

2. A reference to quality builds trust – brag just a little but get it done briefly

3. Your products – why are they so great

4. The workers are committed to the main cause

5. Our pre-and-post sales service is critical to you and to us – here’s the way we be successful

Remember, a company film needs to be exactly that, nevertheless it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw in some added effects and neat camera work to make it all stand out.

One thing to do is make a plan of how you want the film to be structured. What you’ll say first and which details you will get across early. You’ll have about 10-seconds or so to get the attention of people and I would recommend a nice visual shot or effect to hook them in.

There’s no question we are situated in an age where we’re becoming more appreciative of creative film making. A good example may be the film Avatar. Love it or hate it, the film was ahead of its time in several ways. I’m not saying go for expensive animation techniques but you do need to create something somewhat different to get people interested.

That is why, it can be worth sitting yourself down with your creative team to think up an angle. What will make our production different – if you do it right it might go viral.

By way of example, certainly one of my favourite openings is to slowly walk from the car park of the main building to the door or reception area in which the receptionist greets you – consider this is all nice and evenly paced. When you come to edit this part it would look a little boring with the natural speed, but speed things up a little bit and you have a fairly nice intro for your video. Give a voiceover having a catchy line like “As soon as our customers arrive, they are welcomed quicky and with the respect they deserve” – too cheesy?

Needless to say, this can be you, but a nicely worked intro having a nice bit of music, followed by a good clear voice will get people interested rapidly.

You can then target the meat of the movie this also should concentrate on building credibility to your products and pre-and-post purchase. Always limit product shots to a few moments. You’ll be able to summarize what your products or services do and their associated applications here but don’t exceed in covering this part.

You can even use products as a background shot to a interview. This could be used by way of a chroma key effect where you set up a blue or green screen behind anyone you are interviewing. You may consider the shot as normal then edit it or ‘key out’ the green or blue and drop in product images or animation instead. This works really well and gives a really nice visual effect.

Finally, the sign off should give them a quick part of your corporate message or mission statement. Again, don’t enter excessive detail here. Just give a final narrative that goes over the video and a subtle take further action point.

Remember to try out your business videos and play around with techniques, effects and transitions inside the editing stage. Whatever happens, plan your video well, have a great time and be as creative as your budget and time-frame will allow.



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