Beat Asthma and Allergies with these High Quality Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK. This increase in the use of air purifiers is being driven partly by consumer recognition that they can help relieve the symptoms, and sometimes the causes, of asthma, hay fever and other common allergies. However, it is also the case that air purifiers themselves have improved immensely over the past 30 years.

It was not until relatively recently that the size and efficiency of air purifiers developed to a level that moved beyond the cheap and, frankly, ineffective units that could cope with a very small part of a room. In fact, the previous generation of ionising purifiers did very little to properly clear the air of anything much at all. Thankfully, the modern purifiers, although relatively expensive, utilise systems that are really efficient.

The degree to which the air purification market is a very specialised one in technical terms is best illustrated by the fact that many of the major companies in small electrical goods, such as Panasonic and Hitachi, have no real presence in this product category. Instead, the key manufacturers are brands such as Airfree, Blueair and Bionaire, and their brand names are enough to tell us that they basically specialise in air purifiers.

One of the most comprehensive ranges of air purifiers comes from Blueair, whose Swedish designed products utilise their highly regarded HepaSilent system of filtration. This system can remove up to 6 times the contaminant levels removed by many other filter based systems. Blueair also produce SmokeStop variants of most of the range and these are particularly popular for households with a mixture of smoking and non-smoking residents.

The other major manufacturer that uses filter technologies in their air purifiers is Bionaire, a brand that has quite a bit of recognition in the UK, as it was one of the original makers of ionising purifiers for smoky offices. However, their current product range is very different and their top selling air purifier today is an extremely capable unit called a Bionaire BAP 1700. This purifier features a comprehensive HEPA and carbon filtration system that scrubs out fumes as well as the more usual allergens, like pollen.

In terms of advanced technology, the Airfree P40, which happens to be the smallest in their range of air purifiers, is hard to beat. It also happens to be their biggest selling product, mainly because it has a reputation for working really well, especially for people who are allergic to house related problems such as dust mites. The other benefit of this range is that, being based on incineration and not filtration technology, it requires no regular purchasing of filters, unlike the competing air purifiers.

With such specialist companies providing the market leading air purifiers, it can a bit disconcerting. After all, it is much easier to assess the potential quality of big brand manufacturers. However, in this case, it is the clever technologies required that have led to Airfree, Blueair and Bionaire being the market leaders and their products speak for themselves.



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